Acturum Real Estate AB: Development of Biovation Park,
Adduct Analys AB, Personalized cancer therapy,
Admescope Sweden AB: Drug metabolism services and expertise,
Anocca AB
: Research and Development within biotechnology,
Ása Jóhannsdóttir Grafisk Design AB: Graphic design,
Cellavos AB: Science and development.
Chemnotia AB: Expertise in synthetic chemistry,
Cytodelics AB: Manufacturing Chemicals, 
Cyxone AB: Clinical Biomedicine,

Dorimax AB: Import and sales of gluten-free products, 
Effektivia AB
: Administration and management support,
Enemeria AB: NMR analyses,
Fysiolabbet AB: Testing and design of training and health programs,
Gabather AB: Pharmaceutical research and development,
N4 Teknik AB: Service and support for research and laboratories,
Nanologica AB: Development and production of nanoporous silica,
Nanolith AB:
Nordic Bioanalysis AB: Partner for drugdevelopment, manufacturing and analysis,
Novandi Chemistry AB
: Isotope Chemistry,
Novel Medic AB: Production and sales of sterile products, chemicals and medical technical equipment,
Noviga Research AB: Oncology drug research and development,
Offspring Biosciences AB: Image analyis of cells and tissues,
Peoples Garden: Nordic shapes, quality and crafts in the garden,
PEthmark AB: Development of diagnostic tests för chronic alcohol intake
Pharem Biotech AB
: Technology development for water purification,
PlantVision AB: Consultants for realizing operational improvement,
Property partner AB: Real estate maintenaince and service,
RedHot Diagnostics AB
: Development of in-vitro diagnostic methods,
Renosearch AB: Biotechnology consultants,
SSG Standard Solutions Group: ,
Swea IP Law AB
: Patent agency,
Swetox: National institute for toxicology research and education,
Södertälje Ryggklinik & Friskvård, Leg Naprapat Stefan Yderström,
Södertälje Sjukhus: Diabetes research,
Telge Kemi AB: Chemistry synthesis,
Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden AB: Toxicology consultants,
Transcutan AB: Development and marketing of medical technical equipment,
Uppsala Innovation Center AB: Business incubator,
Virtum Sverige AB: Development of products with carbon fiber