Unique Research Centre for Chemical Safety in the Environment

A unique cross-scientific centre within the area of Health and Safety. This is the most appropriate description of Swetox. On March 1, 2014 this Centre was opened at the Gärtuna Site of Biovation Park.

Swetox is a collaboration between eleven Swedish Universities and will conduct specifically directed basic research and also perform commissioned research within its fields of expertise.

– Our vision is to become a world leading interdisciplinary research centre in the area of safe chemicals safe environment and human health, professor Åke Bergman, head of Swetox states

- A very important ambition is to be able to fulfil one of the environmental goals of the Swedish government, ”Chemical Safety in 2020”

Reciprocal benefits

Professor Åke Bergman, Head of Swetox

Professor Bergman emphasise that the centre creates a fantastic opportunity to cluster all national competence with possibilities to give each other mutual support in this scientific area
Already as of today we have a group of highly qualified researchers who has commenced to build up a powerful Swetox.
Also, with the establishment at Biovation Park we can strongly utilize the existing knowledge in the private companies here. At the Park there is a palette of small companies with an in-house deep competence within their areas of specialisation, Åke Bergman says.

Focus on in-vitro competence
Biovation Park does not only have highly capable coworkers. The Park also offers well-equipped laboratories which makes it possible to work in an integrated manner with computer based models, cell based systems as well as advanced chemical analyses.
Swetox will focus strongly on in-vitro investigations and studies in immunology and is among the first centers which from start will operate according to the so called ”3M” and ”3R” paradigms. ”3M” means Mechanisms, Models & Markers, implying that Swetox will focus on safety evaluations by applying new biomarkers of toxicity. ”3R” mean Reduce, Refine & Replace, i.e. to minimise the need for animal experiments or, when alternatives are not possible, to perform these experiments in the absolute best way.
We also have internal resources to perform inhalation exposure which is important in environmental research. An already ongoing, governmentally funded research project, EDC-2020, is about endocrine function disruptors. Current activities include recruitment of six researchers who will start after the summer vacation period. In addition steps are taken for initiation of specific research activities which will be financed by the regional government in the Stockholm area, Åke Bergman says.

Academic Engine

With the strong focus on education and research, in combination with a significant international network, Swetox may be a ”motor” in Biovation Park that will attract both domestic and international researchers and companies

- We, who work at Swetox are already today frequently contacted from stakeholders who are interested in collaborations.